How to paint transparent watercolor flowers

How to paint transparent watercolor flowers

1. Watercolor flow
When watercolors are used as decorations on walls, the most popular subject should be flowers. The flowers are bright in color and have rich and delicate structures, which are suitable for watercolor painting. 
How to paint transparent watercolor flowers
 As a traditional material, it has long been favored by eastern and western female painters, at the same time, flowers are also in countless daily necessities and decorations in the most frequent debut of the material. Please use the skills you have mastered to draw watercolor flowers.

2. GIF. It is ideal to draw while looking at fresh flowers. Of course, it is also ok to look at fake flowers or plant illustrations.
How to paint transparent watercolor flowers

3. Watercolor flow2. It is very difficult to represent bright red in watercolor. A blood-like red like anthurium requires a repeated application to make it look like paint. The part of the shadow is to mix red and purple with high concentration to try to show, in order to show the texture of petal sparkle, with white pigment for the highlights.
 Color classification techniques – dry painting
Dry superposition method
How to paint transparent watercolor flowers

  4. Gif watercolor flower2.
Overlay method can also be called overlaying or overlaying, is to paint a layer of color after the color again, let different colors together, we choose the same color system and similar color to overlay, so that the overlay of the picture is more harmonious and natural. Dry superposition is when the previous layer of paint dries and then repaints.
In realistic painting, one of the main tasks of the superposition method is to shape the three-dimensional sense, followed by the description of details.
How to paint transparent watercolor flowers

5. Key point: watercolor is to use water to draw a picture actually, want to draw a transparent and lightsome feeling so, need to use water to add a few colors a layer of superposition of a layer, of course, it is to want to wait until on a layer of color is dry hind go up again the 2nd layer.
One of the keys to practicing watercolor techniques is to practice water control.

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