How to paint purple rose

How to paint purple rose

Purple rose gives a person a romantic dream feeling
Many painting friends like to use watercolor painting rose, but thinking is easy painting is hard.

Today I bring a group of rose in watercolor for everyone , Step by step to teach you to use watercolor painting a rose.

Attention: Pay attention to demitint each other. Never draw two adjacent petals at the same time.
To leave a waterline in the middle of each petal.

Colors: purple, violet, green

1, Draw the center of the flower. The petals in the center of the flower are thin and small, so use purple to paint with less water. The center is the darkest part because it shows the compactness of the center. Color: purple + a little water

2, The petals near the center of the flower. This part, want shallower than flower heart a few, draw method: Less water than flower heart to draw. Color: purple + violet + water

3, The outer petal of the flower, the third layer of the outer core. This section is a little shallower than the second layer. The darker the color, the closer it feels. Drawing: more water than the second layer. Color: violet + water

4, The outermost petal of the flower, which is the lightest in color and the largest in size, because the entire rose can be seen in the outermost layer. How to draw it: more water than the third layer. Violet + more water

5, Adjust the overall picture. Each petal is darker near the root. Do this by each petal, the overall look, the flower is very three-dimensional. Of course, dark to the light gradient, paint with a brush dipped in water.
Final Draw the green leaves as an ornament to foil the rose.

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