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18 Sunset landscape photography tips, come to see our photography tips

18 Sunset landscape photography tips, come to see our photography tips
Landscape photography picture. Saturation makes the picture more vivid, brightness makes the picture look cleaner, the contrast makes the picture subject appear natural and three-dimensional, and the overall hue makes the picture more natural. Get beautiful sunset photography tips.

1. Reference things.
If you want to take the best view for sunset Photographs, you should shoot the silhouettes of people, trees, or houses. So that the sunset is more sunset feelings. Everything at this time is completely black in the photo, so only the outline is displayed. But because of the black outline, everything in the world seems very simple. At this time, the colors of the sunset are more prominent.

2. Hue.
Choose warm tones for sunset. Because this is the main hue of the sunset. During the shooting process, many tones will be produced. At this time, we need to understand psychologically. Warm tones are the feeling we want to find.

3. Practice.
When we practice photography, the main exercise is to have a photographic heart. Only when our psychology is more sensitive to beauty can we see many beautiful moments in our eyes. At this time, you need to quickly take pictures with the camera.
Beautiful scenery to be captured by photography. It's like the law of 10,000 hours. You need to constantly think about how to take the beauty and how to retain the beauty of that moment with the camera. When you keep thinking and practice. There will be a qualitative leap in your photography skills.
Photography is a necessary skill for expressing beauty. Today's online class is photography skills-hue. In all photos, you cannot leave the hue. Different shades of the same landscape will express different feelings.

The ultimate purpose of the post-processing of photographic works is to optimize or change the color tone of the photo. The richer the color tone, the greater the space for contrast and color processing.
Contrast. When we take a picture, there will be three choices of tones. First, with dark tones, you will overexpose the highlights. second, With the brightest part as the main part, a lot of color information in the darkest part will be lost.
  Third, the mid-tone part is dominated. Then you lose the brightest and darkest places. Photos have poor visual effects.

 Software for post-processing of photographic pictures is better at processing the details of dark parts. Therefore, if necessary, keep the dark part and discard the exposure of the highlighted part.
 Dark adjustments save a lot of color information and contrast. It can show more depth of colors and details of pictures.
 1. Composition of the Jiugong lattice.
As the name suggests, it is an average of 9 squares on the screen. Then, the periphery of the range of the middle grid serves as the center of the screen. You can place the subject around the middle grid or in the middle of each cross.

2. Diagonal composition. This composition is suitable for shooting flowers or leaves on branches.
3. Center composition. Use macros to photograph flowers. Its main body may be a flower or even a petal.
 4, foreground composition. If you want to capture the feeling of flowers, then you must have a foreground, medium, and background in the picture. We can choose some flowers as the foreground shot.
 Third, light. Because the flowers have to highlight the theme and the theme is simple, they are photographed. Keep it simple.

 1. Follow the light. Is to find the source of light. Shoot the colors of flowers. Advantages, the picture is bright and clear, but the disadvantage is the lack of contrast. Visual power is not very strong.
2. Backlight.
The three-dimensional effect of backlight shooting is strong. Because light can pass through the petals, it makes the petals more transparent, and at the same time makes the shape and contour of the flower clearer. The effect of backlighting is very visually striking.
3 Metering.
The advantage of metering is that you can shoot the brightest part of the flower and the darkest part in contrast. This visual impact is very strong. Gives a sense of strength.
Fourth, black background. Photography is an art, and the best art is subtraction. Because art is refined in life, so when shooting flowers, many people like to use black backgrounds, so the theme is clear and the picture is simple. Shoot a refined artistic sense.

Well, that's all for today's flower photography skills. I hope you enjoy today's online photography course.

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