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How to Draw Watercolor portrait proportion step by step

How to Draw Watercolor portrait proportion step by step
Watercolor painting, because it is easy to carry, is easy to show a clear sense of light and space. And who blends naturally with the pigment. Always loved by art lovers.
Painting watercolor portraits require love and persistence. Watercolor portraits have a transparent feel, giving a fresh and clean feel.
Let's start our watercolor portrait, online class, today.

online class step 1. Draw a draft with a pencil and draw a shadow.
online class Step 2. Add light yellow to paint the basic hue.
online class Step 3. Draw shadows on the face with flesh. In the 

online class Step 4. Adjust overall face shadows and tonal balance.
Step 5. Draw the outline of the eyes and pupils in light brown.
Step 6. Draw the basic tone of the lips.
Step 7. Overall color, tonal balance. Eyes, eyebrows, and lips are painted with a three-dimensional feel.
online class Step 8. Pupil and eye contour. Draw eyebrows in dark brown. Light brown draws the shape of the teeth.
online class Step 9. Draw the color of the mouth and teeth around in dark brown.

The video of How to draw woman face in watercolor
online class Step 10. Draw the luster of the pupil. And adjust the overall picture
online class Step 11. Draw hair, hat, and clothing
Alright, that's it for today's portrait online class.

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