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How to draw a red transparent silk dress

How to draw a red transparent silk dress in watercolor

Although the characteristics and outline of the line are different. Such as organza and mesh fabrics. Chiffon silk is soft. The following techniques focus on coloring and tone. The first is color. Ane the second is details of the lines and shadows and the hue.
Watercolor paper.
The most important part of watercolor painting is paper. The choice of paper will have a great impact on the final effect of watercolor painting.
Watercolor paper is specially produced for watercolor painting and is a kind of advanced painting paper. There are two types:
1. High-quality watercolor paper for artists, including handmade paper and machine paper. You can buy it at Amazon, eBay, and other online stores or art stores.
2. Ordinary watercolor paper. The main users are art, costume design, architectural design, or practice use. Ordinary practice or work use.
We usually practice watercolor painting with ordinary drawing paper. The main reason is the price. Because professional drawing paper is more expensive. Among them, professional handmade watercolor paper is the most expensive.
How to draw a red transparent silk dress

1. First draft a draft with a pencil.
2, Coloring. First flesh color. After the pigment is dried, draw a skin-colored shadow. Draw the deepest color of the skirt.
3. After all the colors have dried. Deepen the shades and coordinate the balance of the picture.
How to draw a red transparent silk dress
4. Complete all the colors.
Draw the shadow of the hair. Skirt shadows deepen.
Draw all the lines with a special pen for art. Complete the details of the face, hair, waist, skirt.
In places with many folds. Do not overdraw the dress lines.
It can be expressed. At the same time, don’t lose the feeling of the dress feeling. Otherwise, it is a failed painting.
How to draw a red transparent silk dress
Wait until all the pigments in the front have dried up.
Draw the lightest color of transparent silk.
Then paint the place of the double-layer fabric, the superimposed part is further darkened.
The shadow of the waist.
The shadow on the right side of the leg.
And the shadows superimposed on the skirt.
The transparency of the tulle is expressed in a light-dark contrast manner.

The most important part of the drawing is to practice more.
Otherwise, reading more information also does not improve the skills of painting.
Drawing person good,should pay attention to the proportion of the human body. The model usually draws the height of 9 head tall.

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