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How to draw #watercolor sunset girl bird #landscape step by step tutorial, come to see my web class

Online education- How to draw #watercolor sunset girl bird #landscape step by step tutorial, come to see my web class
Seascape painting will bring us a beautiful and peaceful imagination space, which can instantly make us feel better. The scenery in the sunset seascape is very beautiful because the sky has become rich colorful and beautiful.
How to draw #watercolor sunset girl bird #landscape step by step tutorial, come to see my web class
Painting can also create income for us, and it can also become a career. Traditional painters may increase their professional income by selling paintings, but in the current Internet age, we can earn advertising income by painting paintings. Maybe soon you can pay for your life insurance costs, car insurance costs, and living expenses, and so on.
Marketing and Advertising.
Marketing and Advertising skills can help us promote our website and create more advertising revenue.

1. The first layer. Draw background sky with some water in pink,yellow,purple color. Draw the sky colors nature.
2.Draw the sea, with yellow color.

4.Draw the sea, with orange, white ink. 
4. Draw the girl's shadow with black color.

Draw the girl's shadow with black color.

5. Finally, adjust all the details.
Painting this watercolor is the most test of water control. The use of whole pigments will use a lot of water because the transparency of the watercolor is fully expressed.
The seemingly simple color is actually the most control of the painter’s control of the water of the watercolor because it is easy to draw the first stroke. The painting key is thinking. So you need to practice more, think more, and learn more.
If you like to paint, don't give up if the painting is not good at the beginning. Remember to stick to painting. If you like to paint and you are unemployed, or you want to find a new way to start a business. Then you can make painting become your actual income.

How to draw #watercolor sunset girl step by step #tutorial easy for a beginner, come to my web class
How to start a painting business:
1. Set up your own website and earn advertising fees for the website. The income comes from advertisers such as Google Adsense., Record your painting process into a video, and make it into a picture and text explanation. Attract users to your website and earn advertising fees at this time.
2. Your hand-drawn painting. It can be sold on ETSY, Amazon, and eBay.
3. You can record your painting process, and use video editing software, such as iMovie, Premier, etc., edit, and then put it on youtube, make your own channel, and earn youtube advertising fees.

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