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How to draw watercolor galaxy night, galaxy night sky watercolor

How to draw watercolor galaxy night, galaxy night sky watercolor
Landscapes and galaxy night sky are painting in themselves, so many photographers and painters like to draw landscapes at night. Of course, I also like this scenery very much.

Painting this watercolor is the most test of water control. The use of whole pigments will use a lot of water because the transparency of the watercolor is fully expressed.

The seemingly simple color is actually the most control of the painter’s control of the water of the watercolor because it is easy to draw the first stroke. The painting key is thinking. So you need to practice more, think more, and learn more.

Landscape painting will bring us a beautiful and peaceful imagination space, which can instantly make us feel better. The scenery in the night landscape is very beautiful because the sky has become rich colorful and beautiful. Therefore, today I will bring you a set of landscape watercolor paintings, with each step of painting and video.

Step 1. paint the picture with water. This is to make the coloring more uniform. Because the pigments dry quickly, it is easy to leave traces of water, so that it is impossible to express the natural connection between the colors

Step 2. Draw a light blue sky with some water in blue. Draw more water in red and draw the colors of the clouds and the sea.
Step 3. Draw the shaded part of the cloud in violet. Add some water in blue and draw the dark part of the sky.

Step 4. Draw a clear skyline in blue. Note: The blue color here is also a lot of water. Because of the transparency of the watercolor paint, the superposition will make the color darker and have a sense of transparency. Use violet and red to draw the shadows of the clouds and the sea. Note that all parts of the paint add a lot of water. This will make a soft hue.
Step 5. Draw the trees.

Use the black pigment to draw the trees. Use the big brush with less water add black pigment draw the leaves, easy and nice.
Step 6.Detail adjustment.

Finally, adjust all the details. Ok, now a simple and beautiful, the sunset sea view is right in front of your eyes.

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