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How to Origami Paper rose flower step by step DIY,Come to see my tutorial

How to Origami Paper rose flower step by step DIY,come to see my tutorial
We all like red roses because it symbolizes love, beauty, and passion. So when we decorate our house, using roses will give people a nice feeling. DIY paper roses give you a sense of accomplishment, and whenever you see the beautiful rose bouquet you make, you will always feel super beautiful. Alright, let's make roses together.
Preparation: one sheet of red A4 paper, one sheet of green A4 paper, one sheet of dark green colored paper, scissors, glue stick

When you fold paper, you must design it and fold it again. If you modify it repeatedly, the paper will become fragile.

1. Cut A4 paper across to a 3 cm wide strip * 2
2. Stick two pieces of paper with glue
3. Half-folded note
4. Fold according to the picture
5. Continue scrolling the paper
6. Roll paper when folded
7. Until all the paper is rolled up. Well, the roses are folded.
8. Rose branches. Green A4, divided vertically into 4 parts.

9. Roll out the rose branch and stick it with glue * 4
10. Cut out 8 leaves.
11. Each leaf is folded in half * 8
12 Glue the green branches to the center of the rose.
13. Stick the two leaves on the rose branch.
14. A complete rose * 4  
The tutorial video
Well done, a beautiful bouquet of roses is ready, and it feels beautiful when inserted into a vase, and the mood instantly becomes super good. Rose bouquets can be placed in the living room, room and other places as room decoration, and also used in parties and festivals. Hope you like it:)

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